Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting– A process of hydraulically injecting a fluid base material under concrete slabs (driveways, sidewalks, floors etc.) through a series of 1” diameter holes placed across each slab. The injection material used is screened and washed sand mixed with water and a binder / lubricant called Bentonite.  This injection builds pressure under the slab resulting in a gradual raising of the concrete while ensuring no cavity or voids remain. The injection holes are then patched with a 5,000psi vinyl resin concrete patch.


Concrete Lifting is an extremely cost effective way to remove tripping hazards, reduce step height, fill voids and correct drainage issues caused by settling, erosion, heaving, or growing tree roots without the headache or expense of replacing the existing concrete.


Concrete lifting is minimally invasive, most projects are completed within half of a day, requires no down time and is a small fraction of the cost of replacement.

Concrete lifting infographic


Driveway Caulking

Polish_20200612_230417919Expansion / Control Joint Caulking- This service involves a very thorough cleaning of all expansion joints, control joints, and cracks. Weeds, soil, felt strip, old caulking and debris will be removed ,then both edges of every opening being caulked will be ground with a diamond embedded masonry wheel. The grinding will provide a clean porous surface that will allow for excellent caulk adhesion, a dry fine sand will be applied to all openings and swept to a depth of ½” setting the thickness of caulking applied and preventing 3 sided adhesion. All openings will then be filled with a single part Non-Sag polyurethane made by Sika, an industry leader in quality caulking and sealants made in the USA. This process requires a cure time of 48 hours in most cases.


Expansion and control joints are the most common areas to see signs of erosion on driveways, these openings allow water to pass through the base and slowly remove the base material over time, when the concrete is not properly supported cracks and height differences will develop. Caulking all openings will prevent or reduce movement and damage that a driveway would experience left unprotected. Some driveways will not benefit from caulking and it may be unnecessary maintenance, your free diagnostic estimate will give a recommendation to either caulk all openings, or to leave it as is. Caulking also helps keep the base material dry, that is important in regions with freezing temperatures as it will be less likely to heave due to frost during the winter. Best of all, caulked driveways cant grow weeds!

sika caulk

Driveway Caulking

Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding– When trip hazards are unable to be removed by the concrete lifting process, grinding can be a more economical option. Trip edges up to 1 1/2 “ can be mechanically ground to ensure safety on public sidewalks and front walks.

Concrete Patching

Concrete Patching– The concrete lifting/ injection process involves drilling 1” diameter holes through all lifted slabs, these holes are patched with a vinyl resin high strength concrete patch. This patch can be dyed to closer match colored concrete and also accepts pea stone in order to blend in with exposed aggregate concrete. No patch material will match the existing concrete color, as time passes the patches will blend in well with the surrounding concrete approximately 1-3 years timeline for best match. MI Concrete Lifting Inc offers patching services on a case by case basis. If your concrete is deteriorating badly and is beyond repair you will be informed of this with your diagnostic estimate.